Flights to Slovakia

Flights to Slovakia

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About Flights to Slovakia

If you are reading this page you might be considering booking a holiday to Slovakia with Slovakia Explorer, good choice!

Our tours do not include flights. This gives you the freedom to choose a local airport that works for you and shop for the best deal.

For each of our tours we always advise our customers, which airport is the closest to the starting hotel of their selected holiday.

You can book your flight to one of the three major airports such as Bratislava, Poprad or Kosice, and reaching Slovakia is also possible by flying to one of our neighbouring airports including Krakow, Vienna or Budapest. This gives you a fantastic choice of many other international flights.

Combining your own flight with our private airport transfers is the fastest and most comfortable way of getting to your starting hotel or destination. Our fast, reliable and affordable private transfers are the best way to reach your starting hotel quickly and comfortably.

The list of airport includes:
• Bratislava - Slovakia´s capital located in the western part of the country.
• Poprad - Located right in the foothills of the majestic Tatra Mountains.
• Kosice - Slovakia´s second biggest airport located in the east of the country.
• Krakow - 2,5hrs from Tatra Mountains.
• Vienna - Only 40 minutes’ drive to Bratislava.
• Budapest – 4hrs drive to Tatra Mountains, and 2h: 15min drive to Bratislava.

If you prefer travelling by public transport let us know which airport you are flying into and we will find the best option for you, if you don’t find this information on our website.