Walking in Slovakia

Walking in Slovakia means mighty mountains to conquer, a myriad of forest paths, river walks and city routes. Whether you’re new to walking holidays or a regular trekker, you will find a selection of our best and most popular walks and treks in the Slovak Carpathian Mountains, from gentle strolls to more challenging hill walks. Discover amazing wildlife, rolling hills, deep canyons, alpine meadows and majestic rocky peaks. Slovakia’s landscapes really will take your breath away. It’s time to explore one of Slovakia’s best assets, the great outdoors!

Whent to go

During the summer season from June to September, the most popular months for walking, the weather in the Slovak mountains is typically variable. Temperatures can vary greatly, according to altitude, whether you are located on the sunny side of the slopes or in deep valleys.

In the early summer even the higher parts of the mountains are green, with the slopes providing plenty of food for the grazing chamois, bears and other wildlife that the Tatras are well known for. July and August are the warmest months, with temperatures at times reaching 30 °C, but with more frequent storms.

September is the driest months with the most stable weather of the year. While it is still possible to experience some hotter daytime temperatures similar to those of July and August, in general it is a little cooler, most notably in the mornings and evenings.

The weather in the Tatra Mountains can change very quickly so come prepared for all situations: sun, wind, rain and storms and you will not get caught out.

Don’t forget that in Slovakia you will find the highest summits of the entire Carpathian bend stretching across four countries including Ukraine, Romania and Serbia. Come to Slovakia and explore the roof of the Carpathians!


Grade 1: Easy

These walking tours in Slovakia are for people who look for plenty of rest and relaxation as well as walking amidst stunning mountain scenery and there might be some easy ascent and descent. Good health and reasonable level of fitness is required.

Grade 2: Moderate
Be prepared for bigger height differences. You will walk on mountain trails, forest tracks and footpaths, sometimes on high ground so a fear of heights needs to be overcome. Good levels of fitness and stamina is required with the confidence to walk on uneven ground. It is suitable for most regular walkers who have a reasonable level of fitness. Some days may be more challenging than others.

Grade 3: Demanding
Ideally you will have had experience of mountain walking or completed some long distance walks. The change in altitude and/or distances increases somewhat with tours of this category. Additionally, you mainly walk on walking trails which require surefootedness and in some sections a head for heights.

Grade 4: Challenging
Long walking distances involved with challenging ascent and descent, from time to time exposed trails on an altitude ranging from 1500m to 2500m. Surefootedness, a head for heights and good fitness level are essential requirements. These trekking holidays sometimes require basic mountaineering skills.

Guided Groups

Our guided walking, hiking & trekking holidays are the perfect choice for explorers who prefer to follow an itinerary where all of the organization including transfers and activities is managed by your guide. Our experienced guides are some of the best in the country; they will be there to assist you with anything you might need, giving you advice and organizing your activities on a daily basis so you can fully focus on one thing - enjoying Slovakia´s spectacular mountain scenery!

Advantages of our small group Guided Walking Holidays:

- Share the cost of the guide with other travellers in your group.
- Your guide takes care of all the planning: bookings, activities, transfers, restaurants.
- Your guide is a local expert, they know the best places to go as well as places you should avoid. So you'll never miss the highlights.
- Your time is not wasted studying walking maps or looking for tourist information.
- Should you need any medical assistance your guide is there to help straight away!
- As well as Slovak, our guides speak perfect English and often other language too such as German, Spanish, Italian or French. You will never feel lost by not speaking the language of the locals.
- Learn something new every day from your guide about Slovakia and the region you are in.
- Our guided walking holidays are organized and run directly by Slovakia Explorer, attractively priced and affordable.


Our Self-Guided walking, hiking & trekking holidays are among the best on the market and we have been operating them since 2003. Following our detailed itinerary, our self-guided tours offer greater independence than that of a guided holiday, but safe in the knowledge that should you need any further assistance or help there is always someone who speaks English just a phone call away!

Advantages of our Self-Guided Walking Holidays:

- Minimum number of participants is not required; travel alone if you want!
- Choose dates that suit you best.
- Your holiday is guaranteed immediately.
- Enjoy your holiday with friends and like-minded people of your own choosing.
- Follow perfectly prepared, detailed itinerary at your own pace.
- Our self-guided walking holidays are organized and run directly by Slovakia Explorer,attractively priced and affordable.

Top Destinations

In Slovakia you will find nine stunning national parks, each of them is a real paradise for walkers. In 2016 we have focused on three of the most popular including The High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry), Slovak Paradise (Slovensky Raj) and Mala Fatra. Each of them is unbelievably rich in fauna and flora, full of rocky peaks, deep valleys, thick forests, waterfalls, beautiful caves, mountain streams and alpine meadows. You can read more about those parks in the section of National Parks.

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