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National parks

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Despite its size, Slovakia is unusually well endowed with natural assets. It is a country where high mountains peaks alternate with deep valleys and gorges, extensive forested areas are interrupted by meadows and pasture, and untamed mountain rivers quieten into gentle lowland meanders.

Vast rivers flow through abysses and canyons, cutting through the mountain rock and creating stunning waterfalls as they make their descent.

Unlike other similar locations however, Slovakia’s dramatically changing landscape, formed by now extinct volcanoes, has hidden treasures lurking beneath the surface. Caves with breathtaking ice, stalactite and stalagmite formations, underground lakes and waterfalls.

Amidst all this natural splendour a large variety of rare plants and animals thrive, safe within the security of an environment which, thanks to the number of national parks and protected areas, will remain untouched by human intervention.